LCS Hockey: Born Again
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July 22, 2019
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Superhero Tournament

First Prize (actual player may vary)
Listen, I still don't want to write about hockey. Detroit winning the Cup was a real kick to the ol' Charlie Browns. But what better way to lift our spirits than with a superhero tournament?

We used to do hockey player tournaments each year during March Madness. I believe Cam Neely and Dion Phaneuf were the past two champs. For some reason (I'm gonna guess it was gin), we didn't do a tournament this year. So we owe you one.

But instead of hockey players, we're gonna roll with superheroes. The idea stemmed from a discussion over on the Dave Dameshek Message Boards. Myself, Cousin Brandon, and a few other loyal Dameshek listeners started kicking around the idea of a tournament, so I went ahead and set up a bracket.

You'll notice no female superheroes are included in the seedings. This was a point of intense debate. In the end, I consulted the wisest man I know for advice on the matter. That's right. I asked The Ed.

The Ed stated, and I quote, "What do women know about flying and fighting tigers and stuff." Done and done. No broads allowed.

I'll give you two weeks to fill out your brackets. Just send an email with your picks to me at Beginning July 28, we'll start posting the winners of each round until we crown a champion.

The lucky soul who submits the most accurate bracket will win an LCS Hockey T-shirt and a little hockey player with a big head. You know you're excited.

(NOTE: I really didn't make it too clear the first time around, but send me your picks for the entire bracket. Like run it right through the Final Four and pick a winner. Thanks.)

(1) Spider-Man vs (16) Conan
(2) Charles Xavier vs (15) Black Lightning
(3) Captain Marvel vs (14) Black Panther
(4) Iron Man vs (13) Iron Fist
(5) Cyclops vs (12) Apache Chief
(6) Daredevil vs (11) Spectre
(7) Namor vs (10) Ghost Rider
(8) Hawkeye vs (9) Green Arrow

(1) Batman vs (16) Moon Knight
(2) Wolverine vs (15) Nick Fury
(3) Captain America vs (14) Robin
(4) Captain Britain vs (13) Banshee
(5) Iceman vs (12) Firestorm
(6) Cable vs (11) Punisher
(7) Gambit vs (10) Deadpool
(8) X-O Manowar vs (9) Nightcrawler

(1) Hulk vs (16) Aquaman
(2) Green Lantern vs (15) Yellow Jacket
(3) Spawn vs (14) Power Man
(4) Reed Richards vs (13) Plastic Man
(5) Colossus vs (12) Sasquatch
(6) Thing vs (11) Savage Dragon
(7) Tick vs (10) Wonder Man
(8) Doctor Fate vs (9) Doctor Strange

(1) Superman vs (16) Puck
(2) Silver Surfer vs (15) Falcon
(3) Thor vs (14) Angel
(4) Vision vs (13) Hawkman
(5) Human Torch vs (12) Beast
(6) Martian Manhunter vs (11) Hellboy
(7) Solar vs (10) Atom
(8) Flash vs (9) Quicksilver

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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